Create A Server Environment On Your Own Computer

Create A Server Environment On Your Own Computer.

Having a test environment is becoming increasingly more important. With so many new updates to scripts and software it is important that you are sure that you aren’t going to “blow up” your website when you install an update. I know what it is like. It has happened to me on more than one occasion.

If you want to test your changes you can create a duplicate website on your server and perform your tests there. This means you have to be using your valuable bandwidth and server resources to do your testing. If there were some sort of major issue you could slow down your server and drive customers away.

Another way (and a better way in my opinion) is to have a local server environment on your own computer. Now you can do all of your testing Offline and not have to worry about your scripts causing problems for your website visitors.

It is not difficult or complicated at all to have a server environment on your computer. In fact it is just a few clicks to install it. Once installed it will work just like any server on the web and will allow you to use Apache, PHP, Perl and Mysql databases. Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of those are. They encompass the functionality required to run popular scripts on web servers – and they are all available on your local machine.

Another advantage of having a server environment on your own machine is that you can keep a complete parallel system ready at all times. If your hosting account should disappear you have everything available on your local machine and can make a few minor changes and upload your websites and scripts to your new server. Imagine what a life saver that would be.

You can run and test any of your websites and any script (like WordPress, Joomla and thousands of others) right on your local machine. You can do all your setup and testing locally and then just upload everything to your server.

I have created a 4-part video tutorial series that will show you how to quickly and easily set up a server environment on your computer. I will then show you how to set up WordPress on your local machine (including full install, adding plugins and changing themes and settings) and then how to upload it and make it run on your server.

The procedure is the same for any script or website. Just get the website the way you want it then make a few changes and upload it to your server.

Simple as that!

Here is What You Will Learn In This 4-Part Video Tutorial Series:

* How to set up a server environment on your computer using free software
* How to use the server software.
* How to bring your websites on your local machine up on your browser
* How to set up WordPress on your local machine and place it on your server
* How to export and import databases

and so much more I could go on and on……..

Remember – having a test environment can save you a lot of grief.
You can test your websites and scripts and have a full parallel system
on your local machine. Never worry about catastrophic failures again!

Submitted: 27 July 2014 
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