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We use JVZoo because it’s an awesome platform. You can get your affiliate link below but we ask that you first sign up for our Affiliate program on the right. We’d like to keep in touch with you about leader-board updates and spot contests throughout this launch.  We don’t market to our JV’s.

We run a legit company and we have a great reputation. Please read our terms to ensure that the rules are clear and everything remains above board.

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Will I Reciprocate? 

Here’s the thing…

I’m not a big name guru [yet] with a big buyers list. I would be lying if I told you I could make it rain on your launch.

What I can promise you is this:

  1.  I will reciprocate by promoting your launch to my current list of buyers.
  2. I will promote your launch through my marketing blog with a product review post.
  3. I will promote your launch through my YouTube channel with a product review video.

Working with me during your product launch will make you sales as well as brand your online visibility.


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