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        From: The Desk Of Edson Buchanan
        Location: Portland, OR
        Date: April 24, 2017

        Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

        Have you ever wondered how marketing gurus seem to easily launch product after product and create massive lists of buyers without any effort?

        Have you ever wished you could create courses, eBooks, software, and graphics that people would pay good money for-without actually having to make them yourself?

         Have you longed to start making an online income so you could finally achieve the financial independence you desperately desire?

        If you answered yes to any of those questions, this might be the most important letter you've ever read…

        …because I’m about to reveal the secret many of the top marketers use to have thousands of products made available to them… to learn from, edit, and even sell for incredible profits without having to deal with pesky outsourcers or even lift a finger.

        Sound too good to be true?

        It’s not.

        With the incredible power of resell rights, you too can have an online business set up in minutes…

        What are resell rights, you ask?

        Well that’s a great question…

        Basically, resell rights allow you to take products that have been previously created and sell them as your own.

        You Can Sell Resell Rights Products and Keep 100% of the Profit!

        Now there are different types of resell rights. Basic resale rights allow you (and you are not alone) to sell a certain product as your own without modifying the product itself.

        With Master Resale Rights, you can sell the product, sell the rights to the product, and even sell the master rights to the product giving you multiple ways to monetize…without modification, of course.

        With Private Label Rights, you can actually change the product in any manner you see fit. Want to place your name and company logo on the cover? Want to add a bit to the product and list yourself as an author? With Private Label Rights you can!

        Imagine the possibilities! With a few strokes of the keyboard, you can have your very own product ready to be sold…without the painstaking task of creating it yourself!

        At this point you’re probably wondering if there’s a catch.

        And the truth is…there is.

        You see, normally one has to purchase the rights of each individual product in order to resell. Although the general cost of these rights tend to be low in comparison to what you can bring in for each product, purchasing a couple rights a month could get incredibly expensive and limit your ability to grow your business.

        That is, until now…

        Because I’ve put together a massive database filled with thousands of Resell Right Products …

        …that you can take and sell as your own, helping you become a guru in the eyes of others and finally making the passive income you’ve always dreamed of having…

        …for less than a cup of coffee a day.

        I am proud to present to you…

        Latest Products:

        Kindle eCover Pack

        Kindle eCover Pack

        Teespring Profits Videos

        Teespring Profits Videos

        The Authorpreneur Mandate

        The Authorpreneur Mandate

        Azon Income Master

        Azon Income Master

        PLR Guru

        PLR Guru

        Fancy Cash Course

        Fancy Cash Course

        Quick Cash Guru

        Quick Cash Guru

        Yahoo Answers Cash

        Yahoo Answers Cash

        Product Launch Anatomy

        Product Launch Anatomy

        Surefire Local Launchpad

        Surefire Local Launchpad

        Instant Traffic Strategies

        Instant Traffic Strategies

        Below are just a few of the reasons why you should join Resell Rights Plus right now:

        • Benefit 1 - We scour the internet daily, looking for the best resell products available for you to use and grow your business. With Resell Rights Plus you’ll have brand new eBooks, software, video, templates, graphics, and other niche products readily available for you to package and sell every single day. You’ll never have to struggle with coming up with a new product idea again!
        • Benefit 2 - Have a particular niche in mind but don’t see any products for it? Don’t worry. Let me know the kinds of products you’re looking for and I’ll personally track them down and get them into our database for you.
        • Benefit 3 - Looking to make passive income? Not only can you make money by selling these resell right products, but you can also become an affiliate of Resell Rights Plus and earn up to 50% in residual commissions. And we will do everything possible to help you succeed as an affiliate and increase your revenue. We care about you and want you to succeed.

        There Is No Better Time Than RIGHT NOW To
        Start Selling Your Own Products To The Masses!...

        At this point, you’re probably wondering how much daily access to this incredible database of fresh, new, and exciting products is going to cost.

        And before I get into that, let’s review exactly what you’ll be receiving with your monthly membership to Resell Rights Plus.

        You’ll have daily access to the hottest information products in dozens of niches that you can keep or sell AND keep 100% of the profits! Trying to think of a new product idea or waiting on an outsource r will never stop your business again!

        You’ll have immediate access to our affiliate program where you can promote Resell Rights Plus and keep 50% commissions on each sale you make. And don’t worry, at Resell Rights Plus, we want you to succeed, so we will arm you with all the tools you need to start making commissions FAST!

        And that’s not all…

        You see, I appreciate people who take action. After all, action takers are the people who change the world…

        So if you act today, I’m going to throw in these incredible bonuses:

        As an RRP member you also receive a complimentary Free Hosting Account. Your account will be hosted on a Dual Quad Core Xeon, with 8GB RAM - Super Fast, 8GB Of Disk Space and 60GB Of Monthly Bandwidth.

        Resell Rights Club

        Confused About Resell Rights Products? Need Help?

        Now you can ask questions about Resell Rights products and get your questions answered inside the Resell Rights Club.

        This private members club is dedicated in the growth of your online business through resell resell rights products.

        Skype Consultation with Edson Buchanan

        Lets get your online business started in the right direction.

        As a member, you will also receive a thirty minute Skype consultation with the CEO of RRP.

        So you’ll receive

        • Access to our world class database filled to the brim with new eBooks, videos, software, and templates...
        • Access to our affiliate program where we will give you all the tools you need to get you sales right away…
        • Complementary FREE Web hosting account.
        • And access to our Resell Rights Club where we will show you how to get your business off the ground and running TODAY…
        • 30 Minute Skype Consultation with the CEO of RRP; Top Internet Marketer Edson Buchanan

        All for the low monthly cost of $9.95.

        For less than 33 cents a day, you can have all the tools you need to build a successful online business and start making passive income right away!

        But don’t take my word for it…  Just listen to what some of the marketing experts have to say:

        Ali Chowdhry

        Ali Chowdhry, Frontline Marketing Academy
        Jeffrey Baxter

        Jeffrey Baxter, Ultimate Freedom Network
        Robert Harris

        Robert Harris, No Nonsense Niche Selection
        Zak Loveday

        Zak Loveday , Arbitrage Autopilot Profits
        John Thornhill

        "Edson Buchanan is one of my original coaching students back in 2008. I’m proud to have coached such an Action Taker! He is definitely one of those rare Internet marketers who always exceed expectations on each and every one of his products. Resell Rights Plus is just another example of a membership that is loaded with massive amounts of quality content and tools for members. Resell rights products will always be in demand and I highly recommend Resell Rights Plus for all of your resell rights products. Edson, you have created more than just a resell rights membership, you have created a very powerful resource center where all marketers can come and enjoy the latest resell rights products, monthly training, as well as joint venturing; Great Job!"

        John Thornhill , Partnership For Success
        Dave Nicholson

        "Let me start out by saying Resell Rights Plus is more than just a resell rights product membership, it’s a gold mine for online marketers who want to take their business to the next level. First you start by getting unlimited access to the latest resell rights products such as eBooks, Videos, Software, Template, and Graphics. This alone is worth the price of this membership. Edson truly wants you to succeed online with resell rights so he even includes the resell rights club as well as new ways to make money online every month. I can truly say this might be one of the best resource membership sites I have ever seen for marketer."

        Dave Nicholson, Sixty Minute Reseller
        George Nieves

        Hands of the best membership sites I have seen in a very long time! Edson Buchanan has created an all-inclusive Resell Rights powerhouse. Along with the countless products you will have access to, Edson also provides monthly training, along with a club where you can network with others and form JV opportunities. Edson has added everything here, including the kitchen sink. If you're tired of spinning your wheels, and are looking for someone successful to lead you on the path to success with resell rights products, then Edson Buchanan is your man!

        George Nieves, Info Overload King
        Pedro Lopes

        I was super impressed with Edson’s Resell Rights Plus! I had a look around and found it very easy to find what I was looking for and more! Resell rights products are a part of your business if you take internet marketing seriously. I personally use it daily. You will have a tough time progressing without this key resource and in the case of Resell Rights Plus, Edson Buchanan definitely over delivers! If you’re looking for a reliable website from a trusted marketer to get your resell rights content from, you have arrived at it! Look no further than Edson’s Resell Rights Plus. Cheers!

        Pedro Lopes, Paid With Pedro
        Nathan Zadworny

        Resell Rights Plus is a surefire winner! Everyone knows that the fastest way to get yourself up and running in Internet Marketing is to use resell rights content. Simply repurpose, repackage, and GO. Even six-figure earners still use resell rights material on a regular basis. It's a proven method to success. And the amount of quality content Edson has in this site is amazing! The stuff is top-notch and he adds to it daily. Plus, there's training and a full forum included in your membership. I say, if you're looking to cash in with resell rights content, this is the place to be!! Fully recommended.

        Nathan Zadworny, Instagram Cash Machine

        Look, I want you to sign up to Resell Rights Plus today because I know this is that chance you've been hoping would cross your pass. This is your ticket to finally making you dreams of making a passive income online a reality.

        But I know it can be scary to take the leap…when something incredible comes our way, sometimes our minds sets up roadblocks that keep us from taking action…

        I don’t want that to happen to you. So I’m going to ease your mind and offer you this incredible guarantee…

        Resell Rights Plus Money Back Guarantee

        If you don’t like it…if you don’t think our incredible database, our commissions programs, and our monthly training and access to the Resell Rights Club is worth 31 cents a day, then just cancel before the 30 day period and we won’t charge you the rest.

        But here’s the thing, our community is growing fast. I can’t keep this offer with these incredible bonuses up for much longer…especially at this price.

        So this offer is only available for the next 100 customers. After that, our price will more likely than double…

        …and by the time you read this, it might already be too late. So don’t hesitate. Act now. Let me show you how incredible Resell Rights Plus truly is…

        Because if you’re willing to commit to your own success, take immediate action and become a part of the fastest growing Resell Rights Plus Membership site on the internet, nothing will stop you…

        And you’re dreams of making a passive income online will finally become a reality…

        So don’t hesitate. Act NOW.

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              To Your Success,

              Edson Buchanan


              PS: Remember, Resell Rights Plus is only for those who wish to be successful in their online business.

              PPS: You get what you pay for without any catches at this truly amazing price. So go on give it a try you will not be disappointed with the increase you will see in your profits?